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    All of the schools in the Knox County area stress quality education

Providing the best Education for a Rapidly Changing World

According to the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, in 2008, 65 - 76% of Indiana's high school graduates went on to college, compared to the national average of 61%. Over the past 15 years (1993-2008), the proportions of 11th and 12th graders scoring well on Advanced Placement tests have more than tripled.

Indiana has consistently seen a very high percentage of freshmen at four-year colleges and universities return for their sophomore year and a large proportion of students complete certificates and degrees relative to the number enrolled. The number of Indiana residents having a bachelor’s degree has improved markedly over the past 12 years.

All of the schools in the Knox County area stress quality education. Advanced technology is utilized to deliver excellent academic opportunities. In addition, extracurricular activities ranging from a wide variety of sporting programs to a multitude of opportunities in the arts are also stressed.

Area education programs, opportunities and educators have frequently been recognized for excellence at the state and national level.

K-12 Educational Resources

  • Ten Public Elementary Schools
  • Two Parochial Elementary Schools
  • Three Middle Schools
  • Three High Schools
  • One Parochial Middle School/High School

Comprehensive information on the Knox County K-12 school district is available through the Indiana Department of Education's web site.

Higher Education

Vincennes University provides certificate, associate and baccalaureate career programs that lead directly to successful employment. Many programs are both transfer and career in nature. This allows VU students a choice of entering the workplace or continuing toward an advanced degree.

Vincennes University has a unique approach to higher education. While most universities concentrate primarily on the student, VU is offering training on systems and procedures addressing the demands of the highly technical and rapidly changing needs of industry.

The excellent quality of VU’s programs is underscored by the history of effective articulation, graduate success in career placement, and recognition by professional accrediting bodies. VU students enjoy high placement rates and positive responses to employer surveys. VU works closely with industry in program development and implementation to ensure that job candidates are effectively trained for current and future workforce needs.

VU provides post-secondary education to students from more than 100 countries and through distance education, but it is also a residential, comprehensive community school and preferred choice for many within the nearby geographic area.

Educational services are provided on two established campuses and sites worldwide, but new learning sites are also established in rapid response to industry needs. VU strives to control its tuition and fees but also facilitates all forms of public and private financial aid.

Additional four year programs in the arts and sciences are also close by at world class universities including:

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