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Vincennes, the county seat of Knox County, Indiana is located

  • 25 miles north of Toyota (TMMI),
  • 32 miles west of Interstate 69
  • 37 miles north of Interstate 64,
  • 47 miles north of Evansville, Indiana
  • And 57 miles south of I-70 and Terre Haute, Indiana on US 50 and US 41.

US 41 is a 4 lane limited access highway, interstate connector, providing access to I-64 and I-70. Vincennes is on the Wabash River and is within 24 hour truck drive to over 80 of the top 100 markets in the United States. Knox County provides a prime location for just in time deliveries. The central location is key to your distribution needs.

Knox County Indiana location map

Knox County is within 5 hours driving time of most of the major Midwest markets and 24 hours of 80% of the top 10 US markets.


Distance to major cities from Knox County Radius map

Distance to Major Cities
City Miles Kilometers
Terre Haute, Indiana 57 94.93
Evansville, Indiana 47 75.62
Indianapolis, Indiana 115 185.04
Louisville, Kentucky 116 186.64
St. Louis, Missouri 150 241.35
Chicago, Illinois 230 370.07
Cincinnati, Ohio 198 318.58
Nashville, Tennessee 219 352.37


While many locations might talk about their "central" location, only a few can honestly claim to be in the "Center of the Country" as defined by the US Census Bureau.

The median center, as shown below, is defined as a point where

  • 50% of the population is north of the point and south of the point,
  • And 50% of the population is east of the point and west of the point.

That point is located approximately 20 miles west of Vincennes, Indiana. Because of its strategic location near the Median Center of U.S. Population and the major urban centers, markets and industries, Knox County is a prime location for development.


Median Center of US population