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Taxes and Government Services in Knox county Indiana

Opportunity knocks in Knox County Indiana • PO Box 701  Vincennes, IN 47591-0701 • TEL (812) 886-6993 • FAX 812.886.0888 •

Our Mission: "The mission of KCDC is to be the catalyst and leader for collaborations, programs, and strategies that promote a strong business climate through a proactive working partnership with government, business, entrepreneurs, education, non-profits, and the community at large."

Our Vision: Knox County is the vibrant center of business, history, culture, and economic vitality offering services, infrastructure, facilities, and possibilities to create opportunities for business, residents, and visitors to live, work and play in a thriving and historic Indiana community.                            3.  Increase the per capita income growth equeal to that of the state as a whole.  
                                              4.  Maintain Knox County's role as a regional retail, service, and education center.

Knox County Indiana employers give high marks to their workforce when it comes to measuring productivity levels. The annual employee turnover rate is less than 5 percent, and absenteeism rates range from 0-3 percent per month.

If you have specific needs and do not see a Site or Building to fill them below, contact us - we can help!

Information on our existing industries, the cost of doing businesses, taxes, incentives available, government, services and tools for building a successful business are linked below.

The Median Center of US Population is approximately 20 miles west of Vincennes. Because of its strategic location near the Median Center of U.S. Population and the major urban centers, markets and industries, Knox County is a prime location for development and distribution.

Detailed information on the availability and providers of vital services including electric, gas, fire protection, telecommunications, waste water treatment, portable water, groundwater availability and transportation can be found via this link.

Knox County Indiana is a great place to live and work. The community is equally supportive of raising a thriving family or a successful business. And, it is a true community in every sense of the world. We invite you to take a look around, both this site and the Knox County area. We think you will like what you see.

The Knox County Development Corporation would like to acknowledge the Vincennes Sun Commercial, Indiana Economic Digest, InSide Indiana Business, the Evansville Courier and Press and other area resources for some of the news stories and photographs which appear in our news links. We appreciate their ongoing coverage of events which emphasize the growth of Knox County and its economic development efforts.

The Knox County Development Corporation can assist you from planning to completion of your project. How may we assist you? Note:All services are free-of-charge and inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

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Providing the Quiet Extras...

Though fire protection and emergency services may not be the first things considered in business location and expansion, the proven quality of these services have a tremendous impact on costs as well as quality of life.

In addition to saving lives, certifications and ongong training in the Vincinnes Fire Department and the Vincennes Township Fire Department translate to real savings on insurance premiums and property. These savings are often overlooked when calculating the true cost of location and expansion.

The Knox County Development Corporation understands these hidden costs. Land for the newest substation of the Vincennes Township Fire Department in the  US 41 Industrial Park was donated by the KCDC.

Abundant Water...

The average daily water consumption for Vincennes in 1999 was approximately 3,400,000 GPD and the projected average daily consumption in the year 2020 is 5,500,000 GPD.  The City took this information seriously and has been very proactive in making planning for the City’s future water needs.

Since 2004, several large projects have been conducted to assure continued availability of abundant fresh water.

Knox County Development Corporation Logo
1101 North 3rd Street
PO Box 701
Vincennes, IN 47591
TEL (812) 886-6993
FAX 812-886-0888

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Taxes and Government Services in Knox county Indiana


Property Tax
State property taxes are assessed based market value. Current rates for governmental taxing districts are available on request.
Sales Tax
State sales tax is 7% on all retail sales - food and prescription drug products are exempt.

For a quick estimate on property tax costs, try this tool.

Government & Services

Knox County government is a constitutional body, and is granted specific powers by the Constitution of Indiana, and by the Indiana Code.

County Council: The county council is the legislative branch of the county government and controls all the spending and revenue collection in the county. The council members serve four year terms. They are responsible for setting salaries, the annual budget, and special spending. They also have limited authority to impose local taxes, in the form of income and property tax subject to state level approval, excise taxes, and service taxes.

For a directory of government offices, click here.

Board of Commissioners: The executive body of the county is a board of commissioners. Commissioners are elected county-wide, in staggered terms each serving a four year term. Commissioners are charged with executing the acts legislated by the council, the collection of revenue, and managing the day-to-day functions of the county government.

Courts: The county maintains a small claims court that can handle some civil cases. The judge on the court is elected to a term of four years and must be a member of the Indiana Bar Association. The judge is assisted by a constable who is also elected to terms of four years.

County Officials: Knox County has several other elected offices, including sheriff, coroner, auditor, treasurer, recorder, surveyor, and circuit court clerk. Each of these elected officers serve four year t ermsand oversee different parts of county government.

  • City of Vincennes Administration
    • Mayor and seven-member council
    • Four-year terms
    • Third class city.
  • Vincennes Planning and Zoning
    • City and Council Master Plan,
    • Board of Zoning Appeals
    • Area Planning Commission.
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Protection
    • The Vincennes Fire Department
      • 40 full time professional fire fighters, these include:
          • Chief
          • Three assistant chiefs
          • 36 first-class freemen
          • + 13 volunteer fire departments throughout the county
      • 4 fire stations
      • Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians
      • (2) Bicycle Patrol with complete EMS capabilities
      • Fire Inspector
      • Fire Investigators
      • Provides training for schools and law enforcement
      • ISO Ready level 4 (soon to qualify for level 3)
    • The Vincennes Township Fire Department
        • 9 full time professional fire fighters
        • 50 volunteers
        • 4 locations
        • Medical Response
        • Haz Mat Team
        • Mutual Aid Agreement with area fire services for additional assistance
  • Waste Removal
    • Weekly municipal service
    • four local haulers available.
  • Sewage
    • 4.56 MGD disposal plant.
  • Water
    • 8 MGD maximum treatment capacity.

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