About KCDC

Established in 1981, KCDC’s leadership and vision has created an atmosphere of cooperation. KCDC is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life for the citizens of Knox County by developing the overall economy of the county.

KCDC has a supportive 51 member board who are actively involved in the recruitment, expansion and retention of businesses. In addition to a strong partnership with the City of Vincennes and Knox County government, KCDC has more than 100 private members that help fund the economic development efforts.

Our Goals

Knox County continues to experience growth. KCDC’s executive committee served as the steering committee for developing our strategic plan. The entire 51-member board participated in a retreat and we solicited input from a variety of sectors including business, education, economic development, planning, not-for-profit, and elected officials.  We had an additional 75 stakeholders who gave of their time and participated in the focus groups. We completely vetted all the community input and created the following goals to guide our activities:

  • Economic Development: “Increase economic competitiveness, stability, diversity, and quality.”
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: “Create an entrepreneurial ecosystem for connectedness, innovation, and a supportive culture to achieve self-sustaining business development.”
  • Talent: “Cultivate a skilled workforce by increasing the development and training pipeline, and attracting new talent into Knox County.
  • Quality of Place: “Develop and market the region as an attractive location for a variety of families, incomes, and ages.” 

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