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Infrastructure Information for Knox County Indiana


Electric Power to the Knox County/Vincennes area is supplied by Duke Energy and WIN Energy REMC. Out of 167 utilities nationwide, Duke ranks 138th - among the lowest 20% in the country. The industrial power cost for Knox County/Vincennes area based on 1,000 kW high load factor is 63% of the US average.
Source:Duke/PSI Energy

Natural Gas

Vectren serves all of Knox County. The Company distributes natural gas to over 104,000 industrial, commercial and residential customers. In addition to connection with four interstate gas transmission companies, Vectren owns three underground gas storage fields, ensuring the ready delivery from storage of 3.8 billion cubic feet of safe, reliable natural gas at competitive prices. Vectren offers a variety of services including firm and interruptible service and transportation of customer-owned gas. Other industrial tariff rates are very competitive, ranking the lowest of any major investor-owned, gas distribution company in the United States, in 1995.

The Vincennes Fire Department

  • 40 full time professional fire fighters, these include:
      • Chief
      • Three assistant chiefs
      • 36 first-class freemen
      • + 13 volunteer fire departments throughout the county
  • 4 fire stations
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians
  • (2) Bicycle Patrol with complete EMS capabilities
  • Fire Inspector
  • Fire Investigators
  • Provides training for schools and law enforcement
  • ISO Ready level 4 (soon to qualify for level 3)

The Vincennes Township Fire Department

  • 9 full time professional fire fighters
  • 50 volunteers
  • 4 locations
  • Medical Response
  • Haz Mat Team
  • Mutual Aid Agreement with area fire services for additional assistance

AT & T

  • Serves Vincennes and Knox County
  • Telephone lines installed - 65,511 telephone lines
  • System capacity Unlimited
  • System Central Office switches serving the Vincennes area are #5ESS digital.
  • The main host switch has not experienced any service outages over the past 18 months
Services available
  • Touch Tone Dialing
  • Domestic and international direct long distance dialing
  • Mobile telephone service throughout the entire service area
  • Call Waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Three-way calling
  • Speed dialing



New Wave Communications

  • Serves Bicknell, Bruceville, Edwardsport, Freelandville, Monroe City, Oaktown, Sandborn, Vincennes, Westphalia and Wheatland.
  • Data
    ·         Wide variety of speeds, including up to 100 Mbps
    ·         Flexible network options to suit your usage needs
    ·         Fiber-based solutions up to 10 Gbps
    ·         Video conferencing services available
  • Voice
    ·         Technical reliability ensures crystal-clear voice quality
    ·         Cloud PBX delivering best-in-class systems at a low entry investment
    ·         PRI and SIP Trunking services
  • Video
    ·         All-weather reliability
    ·         Advanced services including DVR, TV2GO, HD and Digital Music
    ·         Bulk service discounts for multiple dwelling units and hotels
    ·         Local sales and technical support

Vincennes is connected to America's statewide fiber backbone network which encompasses over 95,000 miles of fiber optics in Indiana to transmit voice, data, and video Fiber facilities can be made available should a customer desire to contract for services requiring fiber infrastructure.
Points of Presence (POPs) serving Vincennes 46 different carriers including AT&T, MCI, Sprint, ALLNETT, LCI, LDDS, US SIGNAL and Wiltel.

Waste water treatment is provided by the Vincennes Water Utilities. The department operates an activated sludge treatment plant southwest of the City of Vincennes

  • Plant Design Capacity - 7.45 MGD
  • Average Daily Flow - 5.02 MGD (2015)
  • Peak Design 22.0 MGD

Southwest Indiana is served by all the major rubbish and garbage removal services. Knox County is currently using a subtitled C & D landfill located in Worthington, IN. This facility is permitted for approximately 12 years with an additional 300 acres to be developed and permitted in the near future. This landfill is permitted to handle special waste. Hazardous waste is sent to Bloomington, IN.
Additional Area Landfills

  • Black Foot -Pike County, Petersburg, IN
  • Country Site Trash, Sumner, IL
  • Rumpke Land Fill, Worthington, IN

Drinking water is supplied by the Vincennes Water Utilities. Source of water is a sand and gravel aquifer at a depth of 90 feet with a well field and treatment plant located southwest of the City of Vincennes

  • Current daily pumping capacity - 12.0 MGD
  • Current daily average demand - 4.8 MGD